Hi guys, miss you and also my dear blog! I have been really active little or nothing active with the posts, but so is necessary.
I am about to finish university, this has caused me to work very hard. So, when I can, I make some posts, believe me, I love to make these looks! Come on, look at that beautiful look I brought for you!
I’ll start the best part, my hair, totally free, you only need to activate the group and get it here. Do you like my skirt and top? I bought for a cool price in The Dressing Room.
I’m sorry to inform you that my glasses is not to sell more in the second life, but here in The Marketplace there are other very cool. My very beautiful gladiator sandals you can buy in this shop here. This necklace is really wonderful, bought here. My rings, one I bought in the Paper Couture, the pearl ring you buy in Centopallini.
Well that’s all for today, I wish you all a beautiful week!